Instead of putting my life off any longer, I am going to embark in a year of change.  I am going to focus on putting first the things in my life that will make me what I want to be.  Today is the first day.  I am starting on July 8th, because it is as good of a day as ever.  I am starting at 4:15 in the afternoon because I am ready for a real and permanent change.  If I put it off any longer, I just might not do it.  So, here goes.  I am going to start where I am.

Why a year? Real change takes time.  A year seems like a long time.  It is a long grind and will take commitment and hopefully will last.

Today I will talk about I am going to do about my level of fitness.

My  body: I am 161lbs.  My lowest weight was about 6 months ago. I was down to 155lbs and able to maintain that weight for several months.  The holidays hit and I jumped up 5lbs.  I have been unable to shake it off.  I don’t care about what I weigh, but I have too much fat on my body to be healthy.  I am going to find a way to measure my body so I can see real progress over this year.  I want to feel strong and light.  I want to be able to do push ups and pull ups and handstands and run marathons and feel like a kick-ass strong woman.

Running:  I run most days.  I feel good when I run sub 9:00 mile, but that is kind of a race speed for me.  Not something that I can sustain long term.  I really start to die once i get over about 5-6 miles.  I am planning on running my first half-marathon on August 7th, and I don’t feel prepared… (even though I have all of June and July to train)  I have lots of excuses why I am not a kick-ass runner.  I have lots of “lofty” goals that I rarely meet for speed.  I think I need to learn to believe that I can be a better runner than I am.

Biking: I bike to work a couple of times a week.  The shortest ride is about 7 miles each way.  I recently did a duathalon (5k, 17 mile bike ride, 5k) and just got my butt kicked on the biking section.  I think I can kick it up a few miles per hour pretty easily with some sustained effort.  There is no reason why I can’t be a kick-ass biker.

Hiking: I think I am already a kick-ass hiker, but I am ready for some more extreme challenges.  More on this later.

Asthma: I was just diagnosed with exercise induced asthma and also cough variant asthma.  I am bad at compliance with medicines.  I want to get this under control so I can kick-ass (I guess that is my swear word of the day.   My mom would be so proud)

Strength:  I do some strength training, but i hate it. I need to shift my attitude, set some goals, and feel awesome for meeting those goals.

Food Binging: I have a real problem with food.  I do really well for a while, and then I do stupid things.  I am going to confess my food problems here.

Mostly, I want this space to be a place where I can be honest.  I can brag.  I can reflect.  I can share my journey, even if it only is with myself.