Day 1-Start where you stand


Day 1 report

Ran home from work.  Didn’t eat or drink during the run.  It was my second run of the day.

Activity: Running

Distance: 6.51 miles.

Time: 1:00:42

Pace: 9:20mi/min

Elevation Gain: 166ft

Arrived home feeling really energetic.  Picked 4 lbs of strawberries with Sue.  Then I mowed the lawn for about 15 minutes.

Dinner was a strawberry salad with avocadoes and parmesan cheese.  The dressing was balsamic vinegar and fresh lime juice.  I had more cheese than I should have had.

After dinner I had a chocolate peanut butter smoothie.  I think I too often eat a larger dinner than I should.

Before bed I did 20 push ups on my knees.  It was difficult.  My goal is to be able to do 50 push ups on my knees.  I am not sure how quickly I can progress, but I think doing pushups every other day should be frequent enough to make some progress.

I was in bed pretty early, but didn’t fall asleep soon enough.  I have recently been spending too much time on reddit.  I need to make my time in the evening more productive.

Things I did well today: I ran hard on my run home even though I went over two big hills.  It was also my second run of the day.

Things I am not proud of and want to change: I spend too much time focused on my phone.  I also am not good about getting the little things done.  Just a small amount of effort to finish and put things away would make a big difference in my life.




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